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  Machines-tools - Tools     Advanced Materials     Wood Working Industries     Metal Working Industries     Stone, Marble & Ceramics   International specialized Exhibition for Mechanical Engineering. Technology, Machines and Tools for Metal, Wood, Stone and Synthetic Materialsí Working
Trade Public once a year

Next Dates
Oct. 27 - 30, 2015 > in  Moscow (Russia - Europe)  > Crocus-Expo IEC
Please note ! All dates are subject to changes. Contact organizers for more information before making arrangements.

Venue for MASHEX: Crocus-Expo IEC (Moscow) Crocus-Expo IEC
65-66 km Moscow Ring Road
 +7 (495) 935 7350
 +7 (495) 935 7351
Crocus-Expo IEC (Moscow) - Web Site E-mail
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All events from the organizer of MASHEX MVK - International Exhibition Company
1 Sokolnichesky Val
Pavilion 4
Moscow 107113
 +7 (495) 995-05-95
MVK - International Exhibition Company - Web Site E-mail
All events from the organizer of MASHEX ITE Group Plc
105 Salusbury Road
London, NW6 6RG
UK - United Kingdom
 +44 (0)20 7596 5000
 +44 (0)20 7596 5111
ITE Group Plc - Web Site E-mail

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