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  Oil & Gas   International Exhibition of the Oil and Gas Industry
Trade Public once a year

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Oct. 01 - 30, 2015 > in  Kiev (Ukraine - Europe)  > Exhibition Centre 'Acco International'
Please note ! All dates are subject to changes. Contact organizers for more information before making arrangements.

Venue for OIL & GAS UKRAINE: Exhibition Centre 'Acco International' (Kiev) Exhibition Centre 'Acco International'
40-B, Peremohy Ave.
Pushkin's Park
03680 Kiev
 +380 (44) 458 4621
 +380 (44) 458 4621
Exhibition Centre 'Acco International' (Kiev) - Web Site E-mail
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All events from the organizer of OIL & GAS UKRAINE ACCO International
40-b Pobedy Ave.
03680, Kiev
 +380 (44) 458 4621
 +380 (44) 458 4621
ACCO International - Web Site E-mail

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